5 reasons your business needs a digital marketing strategy in 2019

1. You have no clear direction

We find that companies we come across who have no digital strategy in place, do not have a clear direction for what they want their company to achieve online in terms of winning new business or growing their customer base. If your business doesn’t have goals with a SMART digital marketing strategy/objective, your company isn’t likely to grow as large or as rapid as you have envisioned. This is where a digital marketing strategy comes into place…

2.  You are unclear who your target audience is online and your market share

Demand for customer services online can be very underestimated, especially if you haven’t researched into your target audience. Understanding your target audience is vital for digital marketing, if you don’t understand your online marketplace, you won’t understand the different dynamics and the behaviour of your customer. There are many great tools available online from the main digital platforms where you can find out the level of customer demand from your specific audience. We recommend completing a search gap analysis using Google’s Keyword Planner to better understand how you are tapping into the relevant searchers to attract them to your site. 

3. Your competitors are gaining more market share

If you’re not spending enough time or money on resources for digital marketing or you’re using an ad-hoc approach with no SMART strategy in place, then your competitors will inevitably take over your market share. 

4. You’re not offering a valuable online proposition

A clearly defined online proposition, for existing or new customers will help you differentiate between your varied customer personas and help you target them in specific ways. Whether that be getting existing customer to stay loyal to your business or encouraging potential customers to invest 

their trust in your product or service. Creating and implementing a competitive content online marketing strategy is crucial for most business’, as the content you produce is what engages your audience. A few of the ways in which we can implement this is through paid search, social media, email marketing or through online blogs to name a few. 

5. Staying ahead of the game 

Utilising everything digital marketing has to offer can massively impact your business online. Jumping on trends to specifically target your customer base can cause a huge influx of visitors to your site, driving traffic to your business and inevitably growing it. We offer services for all business’, large or small, to help the company reach it’s full potential. Don’t fall behind your competition by not investing In digital marketing and it’s ever growing presence online.