Bing Ads becomes Microsoft Advertising

Goodby Bing

Bing Ads has just announced that they are officially rebranding and will now be called  “ Microsoft Advertising”. 

Bing Ads is Microsoft’s own platform for creating, managing, and displaying ads on its search engine, Bing. It’s similar to Google Ads.

But Microsoft’s advertising services go further than just search. The company offers display ads across some of its other products, like Xbox, Outlook.com, MSN, among others.

Why should you care? 

The idea behind renaming Bing Ads to Microsoft Advertising is to make it clear that Microsoft has other advertising solutions than just search and to bring all of those solutions under one umbrella. 

The Bing reach is going to expand across the other Microsoft products/channels which include outlook and Xbox.

The rebrand emphasises a focus on personalisation and AI Technology. Microsoft  are the market leaders in AI technology and this move will be a warm welcome for advertisers who want to explore machine learning

Microsoft is clearly attempting to claw back some of the search landscape and attract more users. The first signs of this started in 2017 when they started integrating the audience data graphs of LinkedIn and Microsoft and made LinkedIn data available for targeting in Microsoft Audience Network and then search ads last year.

Is this a little too late or should Google be nervous

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