Google announce major updates for search, AR and Lens

At the Google I/O conference they have announced their latest updates for search related topics including Google top stories, AR, 3D objects, Google Lens and Google Assistant. 

Within Google search, Google will be releasing updates/improvements to the Top Stories section. The top stories section will not just contain the most authoritative stories on the topic you searched about but will additionally gather information regarding the topic, the story timeline, and even include playable podcasts. One of the most impressing features from this is the ability to let you search within audio podcasts.

With Google’s 3D objects and AR features they demonstrated how it is adding augmented reality features by bringing in 3D objects into the search results. Google have stated ‘You can place, view and interact with 3D objects right in your own space.’ They also went on to say in a blog post that AR features in search will roll out in June 2019. When you search for certain topic such as specific animals, for example, you’ll have the option to view them in 3D and AR from the Knowledge Panel. The example Google showed off in their demo was a 3D skeleton appearing as an overlay in the search results. You can then place the 3D object in front of your very eyes, be it in your home or office, you can do it using AR. This is incredibly useful when seeing how a new pillow might look on your sofa or how a new pair of trainers might look on your feet. 

In addition to this, Google also showed off new features being implemented to Pixel users who have downloaded the Google Lens app. Google Lens updates include the ability to translate text in more than 100 languages. It will also include an audio feature that will read your text out loud, a feature that is first coming to Google’s lightweight search app Google Go. Google weren’t finished there with the innovative Lens app you can now highlight popular items on a menu. Users click on star icons overlaid next to dishes on the menu that are matched to related reviews and photos from Google Maps. Allowing the user to gain a further insight into the popular dish, and where the best place to dine for the specific dish is. 

Google have commented saying ‘Lens has been used to answer more than a billion visual questions. Lens uses machine learning, computer vision and facts from Google’s Knowledge Graph to provide answers. Google Assistant. Google is bringing its taskmaster Duplex to the web to helps searchers complete tasks online such as renting a car or buying movie tickets.

We’re extending Duplex to the web, previewing how the Google Assistant can help you complete a task online, like renting a car or buying movie tickets’ They went on to say that there is even more to come later this year. All we can say is bring it on!