Approach Digital PR in the right way

Digital PR is one of the best ways to increase your brands awareness online, being seen is not only enough these days, today it is all about being seen, recognised and being approachable to enhance the customer knowledge and build lasting relationships between business and consumer.

More than ever we live in a world where digital means of communication far exceed those of non-digital methods, meaning the power of digital PR is immense and rewarding but only when done in the right way. Investing in Digital PR forms strong relationships with content writers and online journalists that can increase your company’s awareness across many online avenues allowing for increased presence and enhancing reputation.

Knowing your target audience inside out and being instantly recognisable within the target group is vital today when the world of online companies, products and brands is fierce, intense and at times saturated. Making yourself visible and standing out for all the right reasons will only benefit your business. Be regularly aware of your competitors and regularly research developments and changes within your area, develop a strong PR strategy that you can evaluate regularly to maintain consistency and progression.

Once you have a strategic outcome meet it with content that is rich, informative and knowledgeable but not intense, pushy and pressurising. High quality content produced consistently increases SEO traffic back to your website providing consistency and longevity. Keep content varied, generic and relevant to your industry but provide interest and value around specific aspects that broaden and reach out beyond. As previously mentioned forming strong relationships between consumer and brand builds knowledge and trust which will enhance return sales.

Social Media is by far one of the most successful forms of communication due to the speed of instant real time communication that is noticed quickly. Posting consistent information of a high content quality spreads quickly, reaching wide within your target audience. Social media also helps information to last longer and be shared more freely allowing for further brand awareness and company representation. The balance of content on Social Media Platforms and avenues is vital to promote success as saturated, mindless information / posts will only discourage consumers. Variation in content from written blogs / articles to interactive avenues such as vlogs will appeal to a wider audience within your focus group. Never underestimate the power of mini influences either and use these to enhance the power of your reach.

Successful digital PR is when a consumer feels informed, knowledgeable and has trust in you. Investing time, effort and research is the quickest way to form lasting connections between you and the customer. Keeping communication consistent will not only enhance those consumer relationships it will also benefit your brands awareness across the internet. Being vocal and using a range of digital communication methods and avenues is the best way to reach out but remember keep it human to make connections strong. After all it’s a person sat behind the screen not a robot.