Google advertising and shopping features developing at a rapid pace

There is no doubt that the way we search and shop for purchases is rapidly changing. It is evident every day on the ever changing face of our highstreets, yet is it any surprise when the ease, speed and convenience of buying items online is forever getting quicker and more instant.

Long gone are the days when searching for those much sought after purchases would take endless search options, phrases and scrolling through pages of items to find exactly what it was you were after. No, today online shopping is surging and the ease of finding things is getting more and more instantaneous. As quickly as you find a product you can also discover more information (Snippets), reviews, prices and stock levels all within a few seconds. No wonder the high streets are feeling these effects and Google Shopping is growing at a rapid pace.

Google Shopping experiences aren’t something new, and yes shopping on Google has been around for many years but it is the new ways of shopping and the developments in ease, information and access to instant answers that are making Google a powerful business. By simplifying search and creating answers that are immediate yet informative Google are cleverly claiming an even larger section of the e-commerce. Searches that lead to successful answers are due to a tailored, seamless experience that is efficient.

Advertising on Google Shopping really is a must if you want to increase consumer sales and interest in your products or business. Google’s use of their search content, tailoring advertising is an instant way for consumers to access more so ensuring your product information is up to date and reviewed regularly will provide a more concise readability for Google.

Shoppable Ads on Google Images look set to progress and advance even further in 2020 and will no doubt change the way we shop even more in the future. Shoppable images are becoming even more present and provide a quick and easy way to find immediate answers that link to a product and purchase avenue.  Smart shopping campaigns based on conversion tracking will also advance allowing a more tailored experience for all, but remember to evaluate regularly to assess success and progression opportunities.

Tailoring for the consumer isn’t the only way Google provide a successful experience. By creating tailored options for your size of business, budget and scale of consumer market you really can see the benefits of being a part of Google advertising and shopping experiences.  

Consumers today are taking the time to really invest in a purchase and with over 80% of consumers completing some element of online research before committing to a purchase, it is more paramount than ever that what is out there in relation to the big wide world of the internet and your business is relevant, factual and instantly appealing. Successful content reviewed regularly is more likely to lead to commitment in investment and return sales that is only going to be good for you and your business.