Digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2020

With the year 2019 over and the excitement of a new year, and even a new decade, beginning the year 2020 looks like it will shape up to be an iconic year in many different ways but especially in the world of digital marketing. It’s a big wide world out there and if you want to stay ahead of the game you have to keep on moving as out of date trends will only limit your reach and as the famous Buzz Lightyear said ‘To infinity and beyond’.

Right now there is a lot being said about where digital marketing will go this year and with lots of consumers currently taking a New Year digital detox it is more important than ever to get the most from your digital marketing efforts.

With 2019 leading some strong developments in Chatbot, voice activated search and video marketing, alongside classic blogs and written content what will the trends be in 2020 that will keep you ahead of the game and more importantly push your brand forward?

2020 looks to be the year for better communication and a more personal approach to gaining consumers interest. It is all about keeping things human while at the same time maintaining the broad scale reach digital sources allow us to benefit from. Shouting out loud, making your advert the biggest, bombarding people with endless emails and sourcing a well-known name isn’t what consumers what right now. They say it is all about making it unique, memorable, consistent and, most importantly, personal. Personalisation is customer appealing, and building good communication and relationships enhances consumer confidence in your brand and will lead to commitment and return sales. Retention and loyalty will provide you with more sales over intensely targeting new consumers for first times purchases.

More and more consumers know what they are looking for and with this in mind it is about carefully creating high quality digital media that will captivate the customer in seconds…

Email is by far still one of the main leaders when it comes to marketing but 2020 looks to be the year when email becomes a highly polished gem that provides personal yet tempting interactive opportunities. Long gone are the days when consumers clicked on a mile long web address to take them further, today it is all about highly appealing imagery, captivating form and interactive buttons that will take them on a journey. Email, it appears, is here to stay but will only provide conversion if it is highly stylised with expert visuals and provides engaging communication.

DMs, also known as direct messaging, is one of 2020’s hottest trends when it comes to tailoring customer communication and service. Personal and used by the consumer as and when they determine, it allows for a more streamlined method of communication that the customer feels they are in control of as they start the first engagement, whether it be enquiry, complaint or advice.

What appears to be a key trend this year is visual communication and visual influence. Research shows that consumers are taking preference to these means of communications and it is clear to see in the growth of such sites as Instagram and Pinterest. Marketing still needs to be focussed on quality not quantity and consumers appear to desiring a much greater need for realism rather than the filtered images of 2019. With the consumer captivated by what they see the developments of Social Commerce which allows a customer to buy products directly through social media posts or ads means the customer has no requirement to leave the site creating abandoned sales. More and more attention is being paid to the development of this aspect of marketing since the launch of Instagram Checkout in 2019.

Other key trends for 2020 are the Mini, Nano or Micro influences, Vlogging , AI and being a little different when it comes to the use of Social Media Sites.

As previously mentioned consumers aren’t always taken by well-known names advertising a product that is bombarded to them through every advertising channel possible. It looks to be that consumers are turning more and more to the Micro influences also known as Mini or Nano to inspire and guide their purchases. Individuals popular enough to be influential but not out of reach provide more personalisation to posts and can commit the time to engage and build relationships with consumers. This looks to be particularly successful when it comes to niche markets. Vlogging is also set to become even bigger this year as, like the Micro Influences, direct communication to the customer through videos and logs creates a direct element so that the consumer feels connected with. Personal content with exclusives is definitely the way this area of advertising appears to moving forward.

Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are still going strong, even though people are turning to new or alternative platforms. Pinterest, Snapchat, Medium and Reddit are all progressing and look to continue gaining followers in 2020, these smaller platforms are great for niche areas and could target interest a lot more directly for smaller companies.

Finally AI (Artificial Intelligence) one of the fastest moving technological advances to date and one that looks very much set to continue progressing rapidly, it should be used to enhance marketing opportunities and most importantly not replace human input.

With the development opportunities in digital marketing vast and varied it is important to remember that without careful evaluation, reflection and analysis your brand will never reach the right audience no matter how many different avenues you follow. Advances in technology are making the collection of data much easier and developments in the recognition of slang words and emoji’s means data analysis can be even more accurate.

Finally, with the most digitally influenced generation turning eighteen, Generation Z definitely look to be one of the biggest and most diverse generations to be leading the progressive developments in digital marketing trends not just for this year but for many more to come.