Content marketing – getting the basics right

Getting the basics of content marketing right means fully being clear on what content marketing is. Content marketing is quite simply a marketing technique that shares digital online content in different ways often through blogs, articles, videos and social media posts to generate interest in a brand, service or product. It does not directly promote like an advert.

Content marketing is about increasing curiosity and if you get it right can increase traffic to your website leading to more consumer interest and sales. Successful content marketing reaches out to consumers and enhances connections between buyer and business.

Flooding a website with masses of content doesn’t tick the box when it comes to marketing, what is most important in the development of content is…consistency, value and quality. Get the right balance of this when creating your content marketing and your business is sure to grow. So where do you begin when it comes to getting the basics right? At the very beginning of course with your very own business or company.

Know your own business inside and out, what is it that makes you unique? What are your USPs? And how do you reach out to consumers? Once you are clear do your research and see who your closest competitors are and how are they are reaching their customers? Focusing directly on targeting your key audience is the starting place to reaching out to the right consumers. Knowing your industry and what is happening within it will only help you achieve this.

Having clear intentions about your aim and content approaches will provide you with a plan that can be regularly evaluated, this is important to ensure content is reaching out and will help to enhance, adapt or amend approaches to improve sales.

Relevant content directed to the customer is very important as it is all too easy to be over confident selling, promoting or even bragging about your business or brand due to your inside knowledge and interest. This is where valuable content becomes one of the key focal points for creating successful content. Valuable content that educates a consumer where they can see the clear benefits and gains will create understanding, trust and commitment, leading to sales.

Within your targeted audience there is still a broad spectrum of consumers and ensuring content appeals and reaches them is vital for dispersing content, forming connections and increasing traffic. To do this ensure that you use a varied range of content marketing methods such as interactive email, podcasts, vlogs, blogs and articles. Remember it always about quality content over quantity.

Another key aspect that appeals to a consumer is organisation, a clear website with clearly defined content that is easy to navigate will keep a consumer interested for longer rather than a scatty website with chaotic navigations. Archive content to keep marketing fresh but keep it easily accessible for customers.

Lastly consistency is vital in your content marketing, by ensuring that your content is good quality and valuable you will improve the SEO but by consistently doing this you will increase the amount of content that can be catalogued by search engines and therefore reach more consumers regularly.