SEO in 2020

“Google no longer a search engine but an engine full of answers”…

When you consider the above quote it is very easy to see how we use search engines is rapidly changing. Development and progression in search engine optimisation is moving swiftly and if you want to stay ahead of the game and make your business stand out you have to be prepared to keep on moving too.

Gone are the days when you could create a website full of keywords that Google would recognise and rank. Users today want quality information that has an emphasis on answering their questions and they want it to appear quickly and efficiently. People just don’t have time to scroll through endless responses sifting through content to find the answer they require and I’m afraid this comes down to how internet use has changed. Today the majority of people will use a mobile for their searches rather than traditional laptops and desktops.

Today we require constant access to answers, while constantly moving and living. If your business does not feature Mobile Indexing then unfortunately you are already behind. Mobile Indexing has been key for many years now but going forward it is not only important it is a necessity. Mobile Indexing comes first and if your website is not up to speed then you can forget being near the top. Content on sights needs to be just as informative as the desktop version but creating concise content that is immaculately organised with easy to use buttons and links is a must. Quick loading speeds is also paramount as after all…”you snooze you lose!”

Optimising your content for Snippets in 2020 is another great way to increase your internet presence. Snippets provide additional information that creates a more detailed answer for the user. Rich Snippets include even more detailed content that is informative and relevant. Featured Snippets appear at the top of results pages and are a great for people searching on mobiles as results are quick and instant, perfect for this ever moving world we live in. How do you improve your Snippet positions? Simple…research public questions. Being knowledgeable about public questions means you can create concise answers that will provide consistency and improve positioning. 

How are people searching for their answers today?

Visual Search is progressive and is an excellent way of allowing freedom when users are searching for very specific items. Rather than providing lengthy written information or reviews that are time consuming for all, use imagery such as product photographs or sourced images uploaded to create an instant example for the consumer to see in their search. Quick efficient answers that are clear and concise are more appealing and create an instant response.

Using Visual Search means you need to ensure that your images are recognisable to allow Google to search images successfully. Adapting image descriptions, altering captions, adding keywords and ensuring your images are high quality yet low in resolution means you won’t be affected by slow loading times leading to a loss of consumer interest. Also included in Visual Search is video content, quicker to digest than extensive blog posts they create instantly engaging content that is appealing to many. Like Visual Search optimising Metadata is vital for efficient viewing.

The good news is…Visual Search looks to be one of the biggest SEO trends in 2020.

Already leading the way we search for answers is Voice Search and this trend shows no sign of slowing down in 2020. Providing us with an ever easier and effective way to source an answer at speed Voice Search is definitely one to include when it comes to SEO. The combination of Snippets

and Mobile Search means Voice Search is set to grow rapidly. You need to be researching speech patterns and tailored language to achieve successful content that is recognised by Voice Search to improve your rankings. Regularly review content and use of language to keep advancing.

Adapting your business to include a range of search methods will allow you to capture more of your target audience and reach higher rankings on SEO allowing you to move forward in what is a progressive area.