Developments in Social Media Advertising

With many people choosing to take a new year break from Social Media platforms or addressing the amount of time they spend using them, now is the perfect time to be sure your business is using Social Media Advertising in the most efficient way.

Advertising via Social Media is more than just using the websites to promote a product, company or business. The wide range of platforms available enables you to connect with many people and develop trusting relationships between users and business. Just because you are using digital communication methods don’t forget that the most important aspect is still to remain human

Choosing to use Social Media Advertising is a great way to communicate but it is only successful if it is done in the right way. Bombarding users with masses of loud, in your face adverts and click this ‘like’ button to boost your numbers is only going to push consumers in the opposite direction. What is vital is that what you put out there needs to informative and instantly engaging as, after all, Social Media content is short lived and clicking a ‘like’ button lasts a second, if that, and then they are gone. The user has moved on and so has the interest in your advert.

Developing advertising that allows a user to engage and interact allows you to respond and form communication that is longer lasting and more valuable leading to more consumer interest in your product. Keeping it human and building a relationship, it seems, is more important than ever right now.

So what are the developments?

Firstly, leading the Social Media platforms is still very much Facebook and Twitter but visual sites such as Instagram and Pinterest are catching up. Taking centre stage right now is TikTok which is allowing a playful approach to sharing led by Generation Z, and of course there are many more platforms out there. Knowing your industry and choosing the most relevant platform to advertise on is key to targeting the correct audience so choose wisely and do your research.

Genuine content provides customers with reassurance that it is worth investing in your product or business, product demos and reviews all provide engaging information to a consumer and opens up the opportunity for them to find out more.

Realism provides users with a realistic idea of how they will use or benefit from an investment. Heavily filtered imagery or unconvincing visuals will only deter consumers from trusting you and therefore not make a commitment.

Quality over quantity is by far the best way of using Social Media advertising to benefit your brand. Highly finished visuals with easy to use interactions/links and Social Commerce opportunity posted consistently will enable you to develop interest, followers and open pathways for customer communication and sales.

Creativity enables a broader range of consumer reach and keeping posts varied and organised means consumer anticipation will rise. Think about your product/ business and take a look at what others in your industry are doing to reach out. Make yourself unique but not unattainable, use a range of formats to communicate such as written posts, visuals, blogs and the ever evolving and appealing videos and vlogs, most importantly make it captivating, believable and real.

Personalisation is never out of date and personalising Social Media posts is a great way to draw people in. Personalise the content to your audience develop personalised video content, create exclusives and allow for the consumer to feel valued.

Small and mighty is never to be underestimated especially in the world of Social Media Advertising. Reaching out to smaller yet highly followed Social Media influences is a great way to target advertising to a niche audience and the ever growing world of social influences is increasing at a rapid rate.

The only way to really know if your Social Media Advertising is working is to evaluate regularly, the digital world moves fast and the only way to stay ahead is to keep moving and keep observing. Evaluating is vital if you want to develop, progress and continue to grow and no matter what, keep it human too.