How to create high converting landing pages

Before we begin looking at how to create high converting landing pages let’s just clarify exactly what a landing page is. A landing page sounds like a complicated term that may be used in connection to aircraft but actually it isn’t that at all, in fact, it’s quite simply an instant single web page that appears after selecting an optimized search result or clicking on an advertisement or marketing email or even a social media post link. Known sometimes as the ‘destination’ page, it is the first page you see and isn’t the homepage of your website, which sometimes people think, though they can be similar.

High converting landing pages are used to create an efficient flow of traffic from search engines to pages that provide instant opportunities for further actions to be taken such as purchase, register, call now or instant chat buttons. These are known as CTA (call to action) instructions and are used to evoke a response. Using high converting landing pages creates an instant opportunity for actions to be taken, meaning focus from customers is greater leading to more dedication and commitment to purchases, sales and enquiry. Good quality landing pages provide the customer with a clear, easy to read page rather than looking in separate lists or following complex navigations to find the CTA.

So what makes a good high converting landing page?

Firstly did you know that the average attention span when looking at online information is about 8 seconds? Not much time at all, so whatever you need to say on your landing page you need to say it as efficiently as possible and in a way that grabs the attention of your target audience successfully. Easy to digest information such as bold titles, pictures and videos are some of the best tactics to use when it comes to gaining consumer attention.

Nothing grabs attention like a bold title so make it clear, readable and bold in statement if you want to stand out from the crowd. Next, it is important to ensure that any information you wish to convey, such as descriptions or explanations, are brief and concise with a focus on quality, not quantity. Be informative and knowledgeable but not direct and pushy and remember to present content in a logical order to keep the consumer-focused. CTA buttons should be obvious and limit all other navigations to ensure your CTA button really is the star of the show.

As mentioned earlier images and videos are a great way to engage the customer but be sure to focus on quality and speed. Brand/company logos are another great aspect to include here but you don’t need to splash them about all over; remember be clear and concise.

Testimonials are another great feature to include on your landing page and provide great opportunity to raise the profile of your success and provide real life examples of your product/ company in use which always draws people in.

Most companies / businesses have more than one landing page and creating new pages known as ‘splash pages’ for special offers and campaigns is a great way to increase interest. Pages linked to emails and links from social media avenues are another great way to increase awareness and harness the benefits. Never underestimate the power of social media and the speed with which information can be shared and just how far it can travel.

However many landing pages you choose to create the most important aspects of helping your business to stand out is consistency across pages and websites. Keep title fonts, company and brand logos and colours and key statements consistent across all pages to ensure customers don’t lose focus or sense of where they are. Keep navigations simple, create order and structure to pages and be sure to keep all CTA buttons obvious.