Examples of content marketing

There are many ways to get your business noticed but one of the most powerful methods when developing digital marketing strategies is content marketing. No matter what the size or scale of your business using content marketing to enhance the awareness of your brand or product really could improve your customer relations and sales overall.

So what is content marketing? Firstly let’s look at what content marketing isn’t…

It is not direct advertising of a product, overtly promoting your brand in a direct pushy manner and it is not bragging about your company and being negative about competitors.

Content marketing is about enhancing awareness and interest in your company, brand or product through valuable information that is accurate informative and relevant. Good quality content marketing posted consistently will contribute to brand awareness and reach out to consumers within your target audience creating a strong connection between consumer and business leading to retention and increased sales.

Quality, not quantity is key when creating content marketing posts so what are the best ways to reach out to your target audiences? Below you will find a few ideas to inspire you when it comes to creating content for your digital marketing strategies.

Blogs and articles are one of the most successful ways to create interest in your company and improve your SEO (search engine optimization). Creating written content such as blogs and articles will help your business to have more indexed pages which could improve your rankings on search engines enhancing business visibility.

Blogs tend to be slightly shorter in written content and may have a more diary/journal approach in written style, articles are often longer and have more written content and detail that is a little more essay like in appearance. Both are valuable and being able to mix the different styles within your content marketing approaches will increase the appeal within your target audience.

Vlogs create content through the medium of video and can sometimes be known as video blogs or video logs. Posting vlogs can be the perfect way to improve awareness and capture a broad range of consumer interests. Creating high-quality concise videos that are informative or reflective such as product demos or reviews can be an excellent way to engage an audience as they are instantly appealing and take little time to digest.

Social media is everywhere and so why not use the power of reach that social media networks have to access your target audience in a quick and easy way. Creating awareness through quality information posted consistently is a great way to form customer connections far and wide and can be a quick and instant way to answer consumer questions or enquiries. Remember you want to keep posts consistent but you don’t want to saturate the pages as this deters people and could have a negative impact on relationships between consumer and brand. 

Interviews whether written, live or recorded are an excellent way to provide valuable content. Consumers value realism and accuracy in information, reviews or product demos so creating interview content creates an instantly engaging resource that allows transparency in content. Case studies could also be added in here as another great way to provide valuable information but be selective to create the best representations.

Infographics provide easy to read data and statistics in a visual form. Consumers feel supported by data and statistics but can feel overwhelmed or lost when endless facts and figures are presented in a bland, disguised manner. Using infographics keeps information clean, concise and instantly recognisable and combining high-quality visuals with up to date information allows for consumers to see the value and benefits of an investment.

Whether you choose to use a combination of content marketing methods or just stick to one creating high-quality content for your business will only serve to enhance brand awareness, reach out to consumers and form interest, confidence, and relationships that will benefit your customers and business overall.