How to stay focussed and write quality content when you’re working from home

girl sat at a desk with a laptop, notepad and mobile phone

Overwhelmed, confused and lacking in motivation these are all perfectly normal feelings for the situation we are all facing right now, and if you usually work in an office or work setting amongst others being told you must work from home can feel a little daunting. To help reduce some of these feelings below you will find a few ideas to help you stay focussed and enhance motivation while working from home.

Firstly, it is important to remember that working from home creates a totally new dimension when it comes to your work environment and being flexible and adaptable is important. Start by finding a suitable space within your home that you can designate to work, an area that is away from distractions will help you to focus if your house is busy with other family members. Aim to work at a table or desk rather than balancing equipment needed for work on a bed or sofa, this will help posture and be better for your back in the long term.

Mimic your working day where possible, start at the same time, arrange meetings like you would through video conferencing or chat room platforms and take breaks and lunch at similar times each day. Not only will these elements help to add a focussed structure to your day they will also help you to manage your workloads and time management for specific tasks. Remember working from home isn’t always easy so be considerate to your mood and motivation levels and allow time for a short break to re-focus and enhance productivity.

With uncertain times ahead and the pressure this is putting upon businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), creating high-quality content to keep your customers connected is now more vital than ever. Using your time to focus on this aspect of your business really is a beneficial way of enhancing your company profile and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Improve your content by getting some new inspiration, spend time researching what is happening within your business area, read content on other websites and observe what is being discussed on social media platforms related to your industry. Join in discussions and reach out to consumers by asking them questions such as what would be helpful right now? What areas of information would be most useful and do they have any questions you could answer? Use your new inspiration to create high-quality content that is informative, valuable and relevant.

When creating content think simple yet captivating. Be unique to you and your business and remember a little creativity can go a long way. Think about your audience and don’t be afraid to mix things up a little to create content that’s appealing to a broad range of consumer age groups and interests. Written content articles and blogs are great but have a go at a Vlog if it’s appropriate and how about an interview or product review? Written or live interviews are a great way to engage with consumers and enhance product information.

Working from home can be challenging but it can also change how you approach your work allowing for new ideas to develop and provide a time for reflection that you might not always have in your usual work setting. Don’t forget to share ideas with colleagues and allow time to evaluate, after all this is an unknown situation for many but we are all in it together, all be it from afar.