Google’s support for small businesses during the Coronavirus

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Across the world right now each and every company, business, manufacturer or production line is facing a situation so immense that the uncertainty of how this will affect them in the future is overwhelming.

Navigating these challenging times when you are a small or medium business (SMBs) will also feel enormously daunting, and not knowing when things will return to normality is sure to being causing stress and anxiety. Remember that you are not alone in this situation and we will ride this stormy wave and stay positive for the future if we all come together.

Aware of just how devastating the impact of Coronavirus could be on SMBs Google has pledged to provide help and support to enable businesses to survive and continue to grow during this period of uncertainty so let’s take a look at what they are saying…

Google is putting forward $800 million to help SMBs and support health organisations and front line workers during this worldwide pandemic, this includes $340 million in Google Ads credits to be made available to all SMBs that have been active over the past year. By providing a support system like this Google are actively encouraging business to maintain customer relationships when advertising costs could be detrimental to a business’s survival during these unprecedented times.

When life suddenly changes panic can surge creating anxiety. Approaching changes with a positive mindset and adapting to change is the best way to move forward. Creating a plan of action to follow will enable you to develop strategies for your businesses survival and enable you to feel organised and focussed.

With Google’s support adapting your advertising is one of the first ways to enhance the profile of your company when you are suddenly told there are intense restrictions on trading. Amend business hours, alter information to include what you can now offer rather than what you can’t and update Google Ad campaigns to ensure information is current and relevant.

Maintain customer relationships by creating regular informative updates such as any service changes, alterations to delivery charges and provide high-quality informative content for consumers to read, watch or engage in. Not only is this great for maintaining relations it will increase your search engine optimisation (SEO).

Use social media platforms to research what customers would like to know more about or any questions they may have for you. During these rapidly changing times be flexible and allow changes to evolve but be consistent with the information and maintain updates to any alterations. Change isn’t half as scary if the information is provided to support decisions.

Whether it is your colleagues, customers or business contacts stay connected and reach out to support one another. Maintain relationships, develop new ways of communicating, be flexible and get creative when it comes to new ways of providing your company or businesses services. Evaluate regularly and make amendments accordingly and whether it’s Google, your colleagues or family we are in this together so reach out for support and remember this situation won’t last forever.