Mood-boosting ideas to increase productivity when working from home

Right now we are faced with a worldwide pandemic that has changed the way many of us work. Whether it be our place of employment or adaptations to the running of our businesses the outbreak of Coronavirus has had a dramatic impact on our working environments and will continue to do so for many months into the future.

Those who are able to have been told to work from home where possible to contain the spread of the virus. For many, the prospect of working from home creates anxiety that they will not be productive enough and for some, the idea of trying to complete work while the family is at home may feel like an impossible task.

The thing most important to remember right now is that we are all in this together. No one knows how long working from home may be asked of us and we must remember the importance of why we are being asked to follow these guidelines. At the same time, this situation isn’t easy on anyone and remaining positive is vital to facing the challenges.

Remaining positive isn’t always easy and a negative mindset or low mood is not good for communication, relationships or productivity and can sometimes make an already difficult situation seem even more unmanageable. Boosting your mood is a great way to increase positivity and productivity and below you will find a few ideas to help you face the challenge that is working from home.

Start by focusing on your health. Where you may have been on a non-stop daily schedule that left little time for meals and nourishment you do now have that little bit of extra time. Use it to slow down a little and focus on fuelling your body with the right ingredients, choose a healthy breakfast such as porridge or eggs on toast both full of long-lasting energy that will help you start the day.

Maintain or dedicate time to exercise. Completing exercise instantly has a positive impact on mood and also provides the body with the chance to use up energy to enable successful rest. If you completed regular weekly classes look to online versions to continue your weekly pattern or if you are new to exercise take it steady and start with a regular daily walk that you could build up to a jog and then a run. Use Yoga or Pilates videos to help you stretch and relax the body and mind.

Allow your body time to rest and recover. With the challenging situation we all face right now you may find that your sleep pattern is affected. By eating well and exercising you may find this actually helps you sleep better and wake more refreshed.

Take a mindful break
Working from home can mean more time on digital devices as communication methods change. Allow time for mindful relaxation breaks to recharge and stay focussed. Schedule these into your working day so that they become part of your daily routine. Take a short walk, listen to a podcast, read a book to a child or play a board game. Connecting with family members helps to focus on why you are working from home and why work is important.