Adapt your brand to keep moving forward

Learning to adapt is one of the largest aspects we have all had to face over the past few months whether it has been the way we work, shop, study or travel but for many, the greatest adaptations have been for the businesses that have had to dramatically change the way they provide a service or product for consumers. The familiar day of face to face meetings, business transactions, hospitality providers, retail services and leisure industry experiences all stopped in an instance and finding a speedy solution to maintain productivity became a real race against time to adapt and not crumble.

For many, this has not been an easy time and more than ever right now it is crucial businesses continue to learn how to adapt to ensure they can keep moving forward when times are still uncertain and companies continue to be vulnerable.

Let’s take a look at the flour industry as a really good example of how a consistent business faced huge demand yet had to rapidly adapt.

The production of flour is a vital ingredient for many businesses, used in a range of large-scale productions such as food factories, bakeries, restaurants and cafes. However, the pressure for large scale bags of this basic ingredient dramatically fell when the coronavirus pandemic hit the UK. While demand for household sized bags went through the roof as families were faced with new ways of living and maintaining their daily occupation.

Very quickly flour production had to change to adapt to the new demands and changes from production, quantities and the transportation of goods all had to be reviewed to ensure consumer requirements and the businesses future survival was met.

What was successful for the flour industry was knowing their consumers and quickly recognising the shift in consumer needs and demands and then following this information through into the changes and adaptions of their business. It’s worth noting that this is one of the most important aspects of adapting your business…know your customer.

Considering your customer at all times is vital to provide a consistent service that meets the consumer needs. Use any current data to review, evaluate and assess where your customer is at and where you are currently at as a business provider. Consider consumer needs just as the flour industry had to, times have rapidly changed and you will need to keep moving forward. Assess the needs of your products and make cuts and adaptions based on requirements allowing you to invest in the areas that will improve and strengthen the services provided.

Being seen is vital when consumers can’t access services in the usual way, increase your online presence, improve consumer relations such as tutorials, product demonstrations, live chats, Vlogs and increase the consistency of high-quality content Blogs. Where possible make your branding stand out and again a key word would be consistency, wear your company t-shirt with branding during Vlogs, create headers with your company branding and contact details to create instantly accessible information.

Personalise content for consumers and create strength in relationships between brand and consumer. Adapt service hours, be approachable and remember people will return if a quality, honest service has been provided with care and consideration for all.