Be seen on the high street

Covid-19 has had a dramatic impact on the way we live, work and shop and with-it business are struggling to maintain the footfall they are so regularly used to seeing on a daily and weekly basis. For some, this is creating a sinking situation and not all businesses will survive the pressures the current situation has bestowed upon them. For others, it creates the perfect opportunity to future proof the success of their business and adapt to the changes currently surging through society.

To help your business stand a fighting chance of survival in a time of intense uncertainty it is time to be seen in new ways. Ways that perhaps you never imagined would be necessary but right now could change the future of shopping experiences and help your company survive.

For many high street stores, their survival depends on the steady flow of footfall through the door, which during an average week would consist of a range of shoppers. Some dedicated to specific purchases, others as they pass by and some purely captivated by window displays. It is this casual shopper that high street stores are going to see the largest impact on their weekly sales, as shoppers are slowly returning to the high street or altering their shopping styles completely.

With many consumers traditionally choosing to combine shopping styles such as mixing visiting the high street along with online purchases now is a great opportunity to be seen online and use the platform to draw consumers into a new shopping experience of bringing the high street directly to them.

Firstly, the most important aspect of engaging is to create clear, concise information. Start by ensuring your business opening times are updated. Provide clear information on how you will be creating a safe, hygienic shopping experience and create polite reminders as to the importance of wearing a face covering from the 24th July 2020. These points are all vital to the reassurance consumers need that shopping in-store is a safe experience and can continue.

Providing a personalised online shopping experience is a great way to build relationships with consumers and enhance return sales. To create successful personalised relationships, you need to know your customer. Spend time evaluating current data, reflecting on consumer habits and use the information to guide and implement strategies to move forward.

Just because your business has to find a new way of functioning doesn’t mean it has to lose its identity and unique selling point. Be creative and imaginative when it comes to creating new experiences for consumers. How about creating live Video Vlogs of new stock or products? Maybe a tour of the new store layout or even create a window-shopping experience for consumers to be tempted by.

Engaging with consumers via high-quality content blogs, uploaded consistently, provides the customer with regular content relevant to the high street experience and may even help your search results rankings, search engine optimisation (SEO), keeping you seen and heard amongst the more demanding brands.

Adapting and being flexible is another great way to entice customers back. Provide incentives for consumers such as socially distanced personal shopping advice in-store, discount vouchers and extended return dates should items not meet requirements.

How ever you decide to be seen on the high street and online now is the time to implement the changes to ensure your business can survive and the high street maintains its identity for the future.