What won’t affect your search rankings (according to the experts)

Many businesses see SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and the jargon that agencies can thrust upon them, as an overwhelming caseload of requirements that they must achieve to rank highly in search results to help provide their business with at least a fighting chance of survival in what is currently an intense time, especially for companies affected by the impacts of COVID-19.

Common suggestions of criteria that will help your rankings include how many social media likes a post gains, the length of time an individual spends viewing a web page, shopping cart abandonment results, author bios, word counts, how many email sign-ups or even stats, ratings and reviews. In fact, these are all myths and are simply not the signals Google uses to rank a page.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) quite simply does not require the endless tick box criteria that many agencies put before a business and right now with many local companies struggling to keep their heads above water in what has been a challenging period for many there has never been a more important time to keep communication clear and simple.

Many digital marketing specialists in York can provide you with support and guidance when it comes to understanding the benefits of SEO but can they all keep it simple and effective? Here at Zigzag, we pride ourselves on being a dedicated business that is ready to help you and your business thrive online and we focus on clear concise information that is easy for you and your customers to understand. Life is complicated enough right now, so why make it any more confusing?

SEO really doesn’t need to be complicated it just needs to be focussed. Knowing what your customers want and putting quality at the very core are the most basic yet highly effective elements to achieving successful SEO.

Providing customers with straight forward, honest information that is easy to read and follow is the best way to reduce consumers disappearing off to competitors. Start by ensuring that your website is instantly engaging. Remember that with the majority of consumers searching via mobile devices it is paramount that your website is optimized for mobiles. Here at Zigzag, we know this vital requirement is a simple route towards success and so build all our websites mobile-ready first to ensure your business reaches consumers in the way they want.

Developing websites that are appealing and rich in quality content will draw consumers. Make yours stand out from the crowd, be imaginative and creative but not fussy and complicated. Information that is informative, relevant and accurate will keep consumers engaged for longer and provide return visits. Most importantly keep it updated. Never before has it been so important to ensure the information you put out to consumers is accurate and current.

Online searches and shopping have never been so intense and with a future that looks to be unsettled for some time now is the time for you to get your businesses SEO and online presence at the forefront for consumers. To be seen is to be heard, so don’t let your business fall into the shadows.