The importance of Local Search Optimisation

Right now life has never been so unsettled and unpredictable. With so many businesses struggling to survive the immense pressures that the global pandemic Covid-19 is bestowing upon them there has never been a better time to ensure your local search optimisation is working to its full potential, allowing your business to stand out and be there for consumers.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the future of marketing and local SEO is a strategy that has its foremost priority on optimising businesses based on region, such as York, England, allowing you to build your brand awareness through its online presence and benefit from increased traffic to your webpage. Increasing your brand awareness doesn’t mean you have to have a forever increasing marketing budget it is all about being creative, unique and getting the basics just right so that your company stands out for all the right reasons.

Optimise for mobile users
Firstly, with the majority of consumers reaching for their mobile phones to complete an online search, ensuring your website is optimised for mobile users is vital to ensure your business can meet the consumers need for quick, instant, easily accessible search results. Optimising your websites for Voice Search will also continue to keep you moving forward as many consumers now use voice search over traditional text.

When creating sites be sure to keep designs clear, simple and concise. Use the same logos and branding across all versions and remember the ease of use and quick loading times is a definite instant draw for consumers.

Know your business, brand and products
Knowledge builds confidence and there is no better way to gain customers attention than by being confident in your products and services. We’re not talking pushy confidence here, we are talking informative, helpful guidance that provides the consumer with the high-quality services that they would want to return to. Consumers don’t want to be drawn in on false pretences as that is just a waste of everyone’s time. They want to be reassured that coming to you over a local competitor will be meaningful and successful. Build trusting relationships through high-quality information, reviews and demonstrations that are engaging for consumers and provide an honest representation of your commitment and knowledge. This leads nicely onto increasing your local search optimisation through the website content.

Valuable content
Creating high-quality content for your site that is updated regularly is a great way to increase website traffic and draws consumers to engage with your company. Content should be informative, relevant and consistent to be beneficial. Creating content that is unique and has your target audience at its very core is the best way to engage customers and create returns. Content could be written articles, Vlogs, live reviews, demos or even interviews, so think out of the box when it comes to your company and its audience and maintain its presence by regularly updating it.

Be seen online
Boosting your online presence through a range of social media pages across a range of platforms is a great way to be seen and get your voice heard. Again keep information informative and relevant and maintain the consistency in logos, branding and style to keep yourself instantly recognisable. Incentives are another great way to boost presence too; include promotions, discounts, offers and existing customer rewards by advertising them across all areas of your websites and Social Media avenues.

Team up
It is well known that when we work together we can formulate much more successful results and this is the case for businesses wanting to increase brand awareness. Forming a relationship with a complementary brand or company will help both parties to benefit from increased visualisation in the market and benefit from the consumers that each of them reaches.

Whether you are at the very beginning of building your business or have many years of experience running your company and have been impacted drastically by the Covid-19 pandemic improving your local search optimisation is a great way to boost your company’s presence online and be there for consumers. Remember good customer service starts from the minute a consumer searches for your business, so be ready.