Google passes on its digital services tax to advertisers

Challenging times just keep on coming for businesses. With the lingering impacts of the past few months and an uncertain future due to the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic Google just added a little more pressure by announcing that it is passing on additional costs when it comes to the new digital services tax.

Google previously warned the government that if they taxed them more they would simply pass on the extra cost to their customers and this is exactly what they have done by adding a fee to service invoices from November 2020.

The impact this will have on many small and medium-sized business (SMBs) will be immense and for some, it will dramatically affect their ability to reach out through the Google advertising they may well have been previously benefiting from. The increased cost at the present time may just be the tipping point for some business in what has been a stressful period already.

What is vital right now is that businesses prepare for this challenge and consider their budgets carefully. Reducing costs in other areas to allow for continuity of Google adverts may be required or if the costs are too damaging getting creative when it comes to keeping your online presence at the forefront of your business area. Making adjustments to your advertising is now more paramount than ever.

Getting the basics right might not just save you money but also promote you in ways you hadn’t realised were possible. Local digital marketing specialists can help you to ensure you get the most from your website, advertising and look at ways to increase your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) through high-quality content marketing.

Firstly, ensure you know your target audience fully. This is the best way to focus your brand awareness and advertising efforts to reach consumers efficiently. Having webpages that are optimised for mobile-first is an instant way to secure interest as customers continue to search and purchase using mobile devices more than ever. Remember continuity across all sites, such as mobile and desktop versions, is important to create a seamless link for both your brand and users.

Simply by increasing the interest in your brand you can increase the traffic to your website. If financial pressures are weighing heavy focus on increasing high-quality content to deliver across all platforms, such as websites and Social Media avenues. Blogs, articles, Vlogs, interviews and reviews all help to enhance content that raises awareness rather than directly advertises.

Engagement with consumers and creating customer incentives through promotions and content might just be the perfect way to increase your online presence but also build and enhance your businesses reputation. Remember you need to keep content consistent and evaluate its benefits. There is no point spending hours on something that brings little reward, see what works for your brand and keep it unique, fresh and relative.

Just because Google may be adding to the additional pressures when it comes to advertising costs don’t let your business suffer by not being aware of the added invoice charges or missing out on the opportunity to take your company forward in less expensive ways.