Google to report on search terms triggered by ‘significant number of uses’ moving forward

Google recently released a statement about their search term reports, “We are updating the search terms report to only include terms that were searched by a significant number of uses. As a result, you may see fewer terms in your report going forward.”

What is immediately striking about this statement is the word ‘significant’. Significant is a vague word that does not provide a clear definition as to how many terms this will account for, resulting in great concern for businesses and their advertisements. For many companies, this information is vital when it comes to reflecting and evaluating how well an ad campaign is performing and where money would be best invested, or perhaps even more importantly whether money is being wasted.

Google has explained its rationale on this by saying that they are doing this to protect the personal data of consumers. Though this is vitally important it really is going to make things very challenging for businesses especially small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who rely heavily on these reports to ensure money is invested wisely.

SMBs operating accounts with low-volume keywords are likely to be the ones that are most impacted by this decision as they will have an unclear representation of just what is generating clicks. During what has been a very challenging few months for everyone businesses are going to have to think wisely when it comes to increasing their online presence, and challenging though it may be businesses affected by Googles latest announcement will need to focus on channelling their investments into the right advertising avenues and look at all the ways they are reaching out to their consumers.

Not using the right keywords for your business area means only one thing… you are likely to go unnoticed, which right now is not helpful. Struggling businesses can benefit from the up to date knowledge local digital marketing companies can provide. Investing in their time and skills may just be the best move forward you could make to increase your brand awareness, advertising, content and improve your keyword recognition.

Knowing your consumer fully is vital when it comes to gaining their attention. Being clear on what your consumer wants and ensuring you can meet their requirements is a strong way to stop them from visiting a competitor. Investing time to better understand your consumer needs means you can directly focus your investments. Producing quality content for your websites that is engaging and draws curiosity to your brand can help to improve search rankings increasing your brand’s presence. With small and medium-sized businesses likely to be affected by a reduction in search term reports provided by Google, being clear and relevant to consumers is now more important than ever.

Don’t let this recent change introduced by Google stop your business moving forward, use this new announcement to drive change in your company and improve your understanding of your target audience’s needs, allowing you to invest positively in the future.