How online marketing will be more prevalent this festive season

Right now online search has never been so intense. More and more consumers are turning to online shopping and the majority of individuals start with an online search in their quest to find the perfect gift. With the current worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 still causing havoc on the day to day running of everyday life, it is vital right now that your business uses search to optimise sales and stay visible online.

It is suggested that consumers are going to become a little more cautious with their spending but there is clear evidence from previous years showing that even in times of economic downturn festive sales still remain strong. It is, therefore, even more important that you reach out to your customers and show them that you can be there for them.

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we shop, from our everyday needs to choosing those special gifts for loved ones and friends. With online sales surging during the past few months it is clear that the demand for socially distanced shopping experiences is high. As consumers continue to put the health and safety of themselves and those they live with first, the demand for online shopping is only set to increase even more. Nevermore so than over the next few months in the run-up to Christmas. Don’t let your business miss out on online sales by not being seen, adjust and amend your online marketing to ensure you make the most of customer demand.

Consumers need to feel confident when they are spending their money and so using your time to enhance customer relationships is a great way to build trust and confidence between consumer and brand and reduce the risk of them turning to a competitor.

Don’t be afraid to reach out directly and ask what consumers want to see more of or what they would change. Use a number of communication methods over a variety of platforms to engage with a broad range of shoppers. Social media, vlogs, blogs and live chats are a great way to create quick and easily accessible results from your consumers, which can then be used to swiftly make adjustments. Increase your brand’s presence by including information about what is important to you and your brand and what makes you unique. Make content interesting, relevant and definitely not pushy.

With so much competition for online sales, it is more important than ever this festive season to be confident in the management of your stock and sales. Items in high demand need to be carefully managed so vital sales aren’t lost and tempting consumers with products is a great way to draw interest. Combine this alongside major shopping events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Cyber weekend and it may turn out to be one of your best moves!

Spending time ensuring that your website creates a seamless shopping experience is key to ensuring customers remain interested in their searches. Investing in the advice of a local digital marketing specialist could make a huge difference when it comes to converting search into sales.

Again it all comes back to tempting those consumers and offering something unique. For example, tempting sales of fashion garments by creating some festive style pages is a great way to create a focus on items that create a stylish look for the season.

This Christmas is going to be quite a different one when it comes to gatherings, parties and celebrations so use this to your advantage by adding in stylish festive looks for those all-important festive video calls, not everyone wants to be seen in their pyjamas. These ideas are simple and effective and can be applied to a range of products and businesses and more importantly, it becomes relatable to the consumer.

Little added incentives such as promoting free shipping or purchase offers is another great way to draw focus to your brand. Be sure to make this information attainable to all by posting across all platforms such as websites and social media, and don’t forget the ease and speed of e-mail as a form of reach. Adding in hashtags (#) on the most relevant platforms is also a good added extra to boost awareness.

This festive season is going to be more emotional than most due to the many restrictions in place. Reaching out to your consumers with inspiring quotes, messages and even a little thank you email or promotional offer for their dedication to sales is a great way to say, “Thank you for supporting us” and will lead to the consumer searching for you again.