Nextdoor – The new location-based marketing tool

This year has not been an easy one for many businesses. With the future still looking a little unsettled helping your business survive this challenging period is more important than ever to help secure its future and be there for the many customers who require your services or products.

Right now online sales for businesses are soaring as more and more consumers navigate the restrictions of lockdowns and continue to look for safer ways to shop and connect with services. Ensuring your company has a strong online presence and connecting with your local community during this time couldn’t be a more positive way to help build your business brand and enhance its reputation. Nextdoor is the new location-based marketing tool that helps you to do exactly that but what is it? And how does it work?

Put simply, Nextdoor is a hyperlocal platform that allows people living in a close geographic area to connect. Unlike many other social media sites that connect people from all over the world Nextdoor focusses on connecting the people who live near to each other. Nextdoor describe themselves as the “world’s largest social network for the neighbourhood” and pride themselves on being a place to not only sell services, goods or share local news but also provides a local business with the opportunity to build their brand, reputation, showcase services and share customer ratings and reviews.

Imagine Nextdoor as the modern-day version of the classic town hall notice board. Great news for businesses who are prepared to put in a little extra effort when it comes to maintaining another social media platform so how do you become a member?

Nextdoor only accepts users with a verified address. Once accepted Nextdoor assigns you to a neighbourhood area with defined boundaries. When this part is completed you are free to share a broad range of content including company details, products or services offered, organisations, public services or meeting dates and any important community news or updates. Nextdoor brings communities together through the modern world of social media and provides an opportunity for local businesses to be supported by local people.

Similar to Google My Business, companies can claim pages and create listings. This allows consumers to rate and review products and services that potentially could lead to a business claiming a ‘Neighbourhood favourite badge’ if consistently highly reviewed. Nextdoor follow the same optimising rules as Google here.

Once a member you need to ensure that you regularly maintain your pages to uphold your commitment to the platform. This includes updating information, contact details and replying to consumer enquiries. Remember due to the local nature of the platform there is a high chance that the people who use your services or products may well know one another so be genuine and consistent.

Like many other sites, you can use promotions, offers and call to action buttons on your pages to entice business but remember it is important to keep this information regularly updated and it needs to be accurate. If you’re committed so will your customers. Having an online presence is great but it’s only beneficial if it reaches consumers in the right ways, so only apply offers where appropriate, manage your content to increase your brand’s presence and build on your reputation.

Nextdoor is still a relatively new platform but with its unique aspect of supporting local businesses and services, it is definitely worth considering for your company if you are prepared to maintain another social media platform.