Content trends for 2021

Many businesses rely on good quality content to be seen, heard and increase their online presence in a crowded market. With online commerce dramatically increasing this year, there has never been a better time to start preparing your business’ content ideas for 2021.

High quality content posted consistently helps to increase search engine optimisation (SEO) improving the amount of traffic to your website. This is immensely important when it comes to engaging with consumers and bringing your brand, business or service to the forefront of their thoughts when it comes to them making a purchase or choosing your services over a competitor. But what will the trends be for 2021 when it comes to creating content?

Written content is still a great way to increase SEO as it provides Google with content to crawl and rank. Informative and relevant content is just what consumers seek so blogs and articles are a great starting point. Expanding your reach by sourcing content from writers with a large social media following is a great way to increase brand awareness and results while creating a sense of community for your target audience.

Times are changing and content is moving into a source that is a lot more instantly engaging such as Live Video and Webinars. Video blogs, or Vlogs, have been around for a long time but creating Live Video and Webinars before a consumer is the way to provide quick, easy content that engages the customer instantly. People want answers, information, advice and tips but with speed, ease and accuracy.

With video content use increasing during the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic, and with it also providing an easy solution to speedy results, it is easy to see why this method of content will increase during the New Year, with a focus on the live elements and interaction developing even further.

Creating content is the easy part but creating a content experience that keeps an individual engaged is much more challenging and right now, with businesses having faced one of their most challenge years, it is important that consumer interest remains high. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make sure your content is accessible to all. Keep it varied and diverse to ensure the appeal reaches a wide audience.

From the moment a user engages with your website you want them to follow the route to a sale but they will only do this if your content is engaging and interactive. Easy to use navigations, call to action buttons and clear advice, tips and offers should increase appeal.
2021 is to be the year of social media so use this to your advantage and increase your content via these platforms. Repurpose content across a range of avenues to ensure it is updated regularly. Keep content engaging by thinking about the creativity, interaction and appeal to ensure consumers engage.

Another couple of aspects to keep your eye on in 2021 is developing your keyword research and implementing results into your SEO strategies to help improve your SEO rankings. The developments in Artificial or Automated Intelligence (AI) powered content tools with the ability to take data and results and have summery captions or even fully completed blog posts to hand may just be closer than you think, but it will be important to consider the waiting list for this technology is a little long at present.

Whichever way you choose to use content across your business remember to focus on the areas that will provide the biggest return on investment (ROI), and remember the most engaging content is often the most successful.