Local advertising and how its purpose has become more prevalent

Local advertising is about targeting the consumers closest to the location of your business or company, and right now this has never been more important.

Where consumers would have once travelled a distance to find brands and services to meet their needs the current impact of Covid-19, and the restrictions we have on daily living, means more and more people are looking for services and businesses that can meet their needs and that are within their immediate vicinity. The prevalence for local advertising and its purpose has never been greater and, while we remain in an unsettled period of navigating tiered systems, now is the time to be sure your local advertising is up to scratch.

With this year adding immense pressure to businesses ensuring you are seen is important. Those that are searching need to be able to find information that is accurate and informative, so one of the easiest ways to capture the local market is to create or maintain your Google My Business account. With opening times drastically affected by the current restrictions, this should be the first port of call when it comes to amending times or service operations. The temporarily closed feature is a great way to show that you are there but are currently restricted, be sure to change this though as soon as you can open fully. Use this account to also provide immediate information regarding your health and safety procedures in regards to Covid-19, such as social distancing and hygiene practices, as this will provide reassuring information for those wishing to use your services.

Providing consumers with reassuring information is a strong way to build trust and confidence in your brand and using social media platforms is a quick and inexpensive way to raise the profile of your company. Reach out to local consumers, provide information, answer questions, add relevant updates, articles or new product reviews to build awareness but also to connect with customers directly. Update content regularly to maintain interest and relevancy.

Customer reviews are a great way to build a solid local reputation. Whether this is by word of mouth, social media posts or your Google My Business account, never underestimate the power of a good review. As well as focusing on the positive be sure to respond and answer any negative reviews to enhance trust and confidence.

For many local businesses offering a discount or loyalty reward scheme is a positive way to increase return sales. Incorporating this when creating advertising or social media posts is a good way to drum up business interest. Pairing with a local community project or charity is another way to promote your brand and show consumers your social awareness and values. Be selective and connect with something you and your businesses truly believe in and support. Supporting one another raises awareness for both parties involved and creates a positive outlook for you and your consumers.

Improving your local advertising to ensure your business can survive these challenging times is vital right now. Remember the best way to make changes is to listen to your local customers so that you can reflect, evaluate and implement changes in the right areas.