Digital marketing trends for 2021

There is no doubt that 2020 has definitely been a challenging year for lots of businesses and for some the pressure has pushed them to the very edge of survival, forcing them to look at drastic new ways of trading and reaching consumers. For many, this has allowed adaptations that have future-proofed businesses and enabled them to adapt to consumer demand during these unprecedented times.

With 2020 focused on the survival of business now is the time to look forward and implement new market strategies that will continue to drive you forward into a new year.

Spending some quality time evaluating and reflecting on your business success or challenges this year needs to be the starting point for progression. This, alongside data driven results and consumer trends, will allow you a source of information to create cohesive market strategies that can push you forward. What are the trends in digital marketing for 2021 that could help to project you and your business?

2021 is the year of social media marketing! Yes, indeed 2021 is all about the speed and ease at which consumers research, share and purchase goods. With the dramatic increase in online sales during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, consumers change in online shopping habits looks only set to continue and social media is the catalyst for projecting your brand and business.

Consumers want to connect and not just with a purchase. They are seeking to make relationships with brands and services that embrace their way of thinking and have the same views on worldwide issues and concerns that are important to them as individuals. As a company, if you want to reach customers successfully you need to be real and show what you stand for, what you believe and support.

With 2020 brining the impact of Covid-19 and opening the eyes of many to social impacts such as the Black Lives Matter Movement, equality, mental health and education, this year has presented the opportunity for discussion even more and society has embraced this in more ways than you could ever imagine. Consumers want to support brands that follow their outlook and it is clear that consumers are shunning those that don’t.

Attitudes have changed and the awareness of climate change and worldwide impacts is important when considering purchases. Customers want to see your business’ views and they want you to be honest and open in your reach. It isn’t just about what a consumer sees either, it is about what you as a brand see in the world. Choosing to be considerate to the smaller less visible impacts in regional areas is just as important as addressing the larger worldwide issues.

News spreads fast via social media platforms so use it to spread positive news and share what is important to you. This will enhance your brand and reach out to consumers, but be aware not all news is good.

With a rise in ‘fake news’ throughout this year, linked largely to Covid-19, it is more vital than ever that you monitor what your brand, business or service gets linked to in regards to news stories and views especially those that are inaccurate. ‘Fake news’ could be detrimental to your brand and it can be hard to shake off. By working closely with social media platforms you can help to reduce the spread of ‘fake news’ and build a place for engaging in trusting relationships with customers.

Consumers like to engage and converse, and this is another important trend for 2021. Forming relationships with people through personalised content is a clear way to show a consumer you value them, as an individual and not just as a purchase avenue. Shoppers are cautious of the way they choose to spend their money and so forming genuine relationships that are engaging between consumer and brand through personalised content is a definite way to enhance the commitment and trust for customers.

Keep things engaging to keep people interested. Chatbots, live video streams, interviews, demonstrations and personalised email are all appealing and show the consumer it’s all about putting their values, concerns and needs first. Keep information regarding store opening times, changes to deliveries and the extra health and safety procedures you are taking regularly updated and easily accessible, during these challenging times this will enhance shoppers’ confidence in your business.

Remember that when creating new marketing strategies it is vital that you listen, observe and reflect to ensure that your implement changes in the right ways. No matter how challenging 2020 has been 2021 is a new year so stay positive and look forward.