Content Experiences-What are they and how do they support content marketing?

Engaging, immersive and memorable that’s what an experience should be and when it comes to marketing your brand or business why should this be any different? Whether it is experienced in the real world or digital world?

In 2019 Randy Frisch coined the term “content experience” in his 2019 book ‘F#ck Content Marketing: Focus on Content Experience’. Randy defines content experiences as firstly the environment in which your content lives, secondly how it is structured and finally how it compels your customers to engage with your company.

Forming content for your business that is engaging is a vital requirement if you want to build trusting and long-lasting relationships between consumer and brand and the best way to do this is to think a little differently and get creative.

As Frisch first said environment is key to creating the right place for your consumers to engage with content. Clean, sleek pages that are easy to navigate are definitely a good way to start and ensuring pages are organised will help to draw consumers in, creating satisfying search experiences. Content needs to be easy to find so use titles in a clear, bold format and remember to think about ensuring your website is equally accessible for all. Don’t forget the ideal result is to convert experiences into sales and the only way to do this consistently is to create strong engagement between consumer and brand. Therefore, content needs to be interesting, memorable and create an experience that engages and entices.

When producing content following a structure similar to that of the Pyramid Principle that is used in many newspaper articles and reports. This is a good way to create focus and attention. High impact information that communicates immediately should be the main focus followed by relevant, useful, high-quality content that offers value to consumers creating a streamlined experience that greatly reduces the chance of shopping cart abandonment.

Content needs to be varied to appeal to a broad range of clients, so think about written Blogs, visuals, audio and Vlogs. All of which should be engaging and consistent in quality across all platforms used. Remember whatever a consumer views or experiences it should be informative and helpful.

The more creative the better and keeping content unique means you will stand out from the crowd in what is right now a very crowded online market place. Think about mini films or daily emails that promote positivity or motivation, the perfect pick me up in what is a challenging time for many as the impacts of Covid-19 affect our daily living experiences.

Reach out and show your customers you care, offer tailored experiences and form relationships that are not primarily focussed on e-commerce but rather on content that is relevant to them. Provide the opportunity for consumers to ask questions, leave a comment or create a live interview where they get to talk to you in person. Not only a content experience but a more personal one that will provide you with an uplifting boost a well as increasing trust in your audience.

Most importantly remember what Frisch said about content experiences…The environment, structure and engagement create the experience, but it’s down to you to create the content that propels your businesses forward.