SEO in 2021

Online searches have never been so high and, with the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic still gripping the world, businesses are relying on e-commerce sales more than ever. With this in mind ensuring your business is standing out in a crowded market has never been so important.
Your business may just have got through one of the most challenging years but preparing for the future is never a bad thing to do, especially when the months ahead still look to be a little unsettled.

For the success of your business in the future, you need to understand where your business or services rank when searched for by consumers. If your online presence is low it won’t matter how prepared you are for customers, if they can’t see you they won’t find you.

The best way for your business to be seen is to increase search engine optimisation (SEO) and to move SEO forward in 2021 you need to understand user intent to really implement change. By understanding how consumers search you will not only create a better understanding of consumer needs but it will also allow you to create pages of content that are specific, relevant and more accurate. Providing consumers with precise results based on their search and intent means less abandonment and more searches followed through to end sales.

Google rank pages based on the best page match for the intent so to improve the rankings of your pages you need to focus on your keywords. Right now, with so many businesses affected by Covid-19, diversity in your keywords is vital. With product demands constantly falling in and out of demand the effects on where your business appears in rankings will also dramatically change.

Maintaining consistency means being flexible and varied when it comes to marketing and concise and up to date when it comes to information such as trading hours, deliveries and any changes that affect consumers. By regularly monitoring your search engine results pages (SERPs) you can evaluate how your customers are searching for answers. Once you can see the changes in search you can make alterations to meet demands, and remember being able to make changes at short notice will only enhance your business’s chances of meeting the needs of your consumers when times are challenging.

Never has flexibility and an open mind to adaptation been more important for local business and local SEO. With Google My Business providing updates, such as temporarily closed, ensuring your business is using these services to their full potential is vital for that instant and up to date communication between brand and consumer. Altering the way services are offered and providing regular updates for customers maintains strong relationships.

2021 is definitely going to be the year of rapid reflection and quick thinking changes when it comes to business survival due to the rapid changes in search, intent and demand but there are a few other key points you can observe when it comes to SEO in 2021.

Ensuring your websites and webpages are mobile ready and provide easy to use navigations will have an impact on your search rankings due to the way consumers ever increasingly want answers faster and with more ease. It is also important to remember how consumers search for answers. Voice Search is forever growing more and more popular and so researching more natural sounding keywords and phrases will help to also improve SEO rankings.

Regularly monitor and evaluate your data and analytic results to implement improvements and with developments in artificial intelligence (AI) providing an increased role in Search Rankings the race for the top becomes ever greater. Don’t get left behind in 2021 adapt and be flexible and find the right words to match your business and your consumers’ search.