YouTube SEO for beginners

Right now being seen is more important than ever, especially when it comes to the survival and progression of your brand or business. With so many companies fighting for their futures and new up and coming brands demanding a slice of the pie, standing out from the crowd has never been a greater mission.

With more and more consumers shopping and researching purchases and services online the demand for speedy, accurate information and answers is intense. One of the best ways to succeed is with video content.

Video content is fast and easy to digest providing the perfect opportunity for businesses to connect with consumers effectively and efficiently. However, creating a totally awesome video for YouTube is only the very beginning of standing out in a market that is vast and hugely competitive. So how do you get that super amazing video, that has taken a large slice of your budget to produce, seen by the masses?

Well just like online website content you need to focus on what will increase your search engine optimisation (SEO). Only you need to achieve the YouTube SEO to head to the top the video rankings and this starts with knowing your keywords. Attaching the right keywords to your video will enhance its rankings when searched for, but finding the right keywords takes a little bit of time and effort which will be worth it if it gets your business seen.

Knowing your closest competitors most successful video is a great starting point as this will help you to find a place for your content. When searching YouTube use the option to sort by Most Popular as this will really help you to filter out what’s hot and not. Once you have found what you are looking for study the keywords of the video content as this is what is getting them ranked in their high position.

If YouTube is to become a serious platform for your brand or business than investing some of your budgets into vidlQ is a good move. VidlQ, a keyword research tool, is specific to YouTube and though costs are involved it is by far one of the best ways to boost your videos presence.

Understandably, budgets are limited though and so there are ways of conducting and collating your own keyword research it will just take a little longer. By simply typing industry specific keywords into YouTube you will find suggestions connected to your input search. Taking note of the words and collating as many variations as possible will mean you have more to choose from when attaching keywords to your video. Be sure to choose relevant keywords that are easy to rank as this will reduce the competition. KWfinder is another good tool when it comes to helping you find the right words.

Once you have selected the words for your video you need to use them in the right way. Consistency is key, so add them to titles, subtitles within the video content itself and through the video description. Don’t forget to include the keywords in any tags you also add.

When it comes to viewers you want your video to not only be viewed but be watched from beginning to end. If successfully viewed in this way YouTube is alerted and the chance of your SEO increases. A few simple tips for keeping viewers interested in watching your video include brief content overviews at the beginning, simple effective introductions and then diving into full video content. Increasing curiosity partway through the content helps to maintain the viewer’s interest right up to the end.

Lastly, providing the opportunity and encouraging viewers to leave comments, ideas, thoughts and feedback boost that little alert back to YouTube informing them of quality content. Maintain those keywords throughout and remember to optimise all videos for both Google and YouTube just like you would any other blogs.