Content Marketing Skills for 2021

With the world of content marketing forever growing and the intense rapid increase we have seen during the past year in search and online purchases the demand for fresh, imaginative individuals with a passion for all things digital has never been greater.

2021 appears already to be challenging for many as we continue the fight against Covid-19 and its detrimental impacts on daily life and businesses’ functions. With so many companies rapidly changing the way they provide services and products during the worldwide pandemic what about those who are trying to find a way into the world of Content Marketing and forge a career during what is a challenging time?

Education has been drastically affected by the effects of lockdowns and limitations in online learning but what if education as we know it isn’t fully equipping individuals with the right knowledge and skills to succeed in this industry? What if actually, it’s the self-taught skills that are projecting these unique and creative individuals forward on the path to success?

Of course, a traditional education provides a strong foundation for the growth and development of any individual but in the digital world, it is becoming ever more apparent that self-taught skills are just as valuable and wealthy when it comes to being recognised. With companies such as Google and Apple, along with many more, hiring employees without degree-level qualifications the opportunity to work in the digital industry is very much about your ideas, skills, commitment and enthusiasm. Approaching the industry with market-ready skills is the best way to find a door that will open.

So how do you equip and prepare yourself with the most relevant market-ready skills? Firstly never underestimate the power of work experience and, in the digital industry, the more you can learn from those who are already doing it the better your skills will become.

Start by researching and contacting as many businesses as possible and seek opportunities to learn the industry from the inside. Offer the skills you already have for free and, even if you are at the beginning of your journey, offering to help with the basics is better than nothing.

There are many skills to be learnt but knowing the core basics is a sure-fire way to find that door…

Brand strategy understanding is vital. If you want to succeed in content marketing, the brand needs to be a key focus. Investing time, experience and even some tutoring will help you understand the core points that underpin the brand strategy.

Knowing the benefits of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is another major skill to establish. Did you know that between March 2020 to the present day Google Search traffic has increased from 3.6 billion searches a day to 6 billion! With nearly 70% of online experience’s starting with a search engine, it is no surprise that the use of Google search has never been so vast! The message here is search is big and you need to understand its importance to stay ahead.

The key points for developing your search skills need to be: understanding how to write and optimise content for search, managing and reviewing existing content, and following and tracking content using tools, such as Google Analytics, which help to develop SEO further.

Being clear on what makes good online content is important when it comes to the development of your skills set. Being able to recognise high-quality online content is a must for any digital enthusiast but most importantly it is being able to see its quality and relevance across a broad range of formats, from social media platforms, webpages and product information to vlogs, emails and interviews. Spend time researching leading content produces, develop your own content and complete a content writing course.

Knowing your research is a must as information in the digital world quickly becomes out of date! Don’t get caught out using dated sources or information and remember consumers won’t build trust in a brand or service if the information is old and inaccurate.

Going that little bit further with your research will help you to produce content that is accurate, informative and relative. These are all key components when producing or managing content marketing.

Having patience doesn’t always come easily to some but learning this important skill is a great way to not only develop as an individual but it will also make you a better content marketer.

Seeing the results of content marketing efforts takes time so don’t give up on an idea too quickly. Reflect and evaluate consistently to ensure you have progression but give ideas time to take off and if they don’t review and understand why. Consumer’s value trust but trust also takes time to build so remember this when creating and observing your content marketing strategies.

Many skills can be developed but these are the core skills that will help you to stand out in the competitive world of digital marketing in 2021. Remember a good content marketer keeps on developing, a great content marketer keeps on developing that little bit more!