Google Search launches a new mobile interface and design

With the ever evolving world we live in and our increased demand for answers that are quick and efficient it is well-known that the majority of Google searches are now completed on a mobile device. Answers at our fingertips within seconds that we can’t seem to live without these days.

Google says, “The redesign is easier to read and use.” Great news when life seems busier and more chaotic than ever and businesses and consumers still don’t know if they are coming or going. So what is it that Google has changed?

Well firstly, the changes are to the knowledge panels and search result snippets. In some areas the changes are very minimal, but what is clear is that Google is keeping up with users’ desires for search results that are seamless, efficient and easy to read. They have applied this to create changes that are clean, simple and provide easy to digest pages of information.

Long gone are the days of complicated questions and pages and pages of answers that weren’t always what you even requested answers to. Today Google is forever advancing their answers to provide you with the sharpest, most up to date responses that are presented to you effectively in a modern way.

Enhancing the readability of results has been key to their changes and has created a much more user-friendly experience. Larger labels that are far easier to read and increased section sizes allow for a much speedier search experience that increases user experience for the better.

Not only have they thought about the readability of a page they have, by increasing the white space around the information on result card designs, created a much more appealing way for the mind to focus on the page content. This allows for the results to be better absorbed and the selection of pathways selected from then on to be more accurate.

With search results appearing in a much more refined way the overall search experience is enhanced, creating a much more streamlined experience for consumers and businesses overall. With so many businesses struggling to survive during these unprecedented times anything that can bring search and answers together in an improved way is definitely a positive way forward.

As with any changes that happen, behaviours can also change so businesses need to remember to remain vigilant of any variations in clicks and traffic from Google mobile searches to sites and remember this when reviewing or evaluating analytics over the next few months. Change isn’t always a bad thing, in fact, it is often for the better. It just takes some a little longer to come around to new ideas, so be patient.