Product-led content marketing

We live in a fast-paced world that is forever evolving. Changes are happening daily and in every minute, but what if this fast-paced way of living is altering our reality and in fact what we really need in these unsettled times is a true image of life?

During these challenging periods, consumers are looking to brands and business in new ways. Long gone are the days where customers only visited a store or business to engage in purchases or sales. Instead, consumers are connecting with business online and through many new pathways. They are seeking to develop trusting relationships built on honesty. It is clear consumers are fed up with being sold a false reality.

As many businesses face the challenges of surviving the impacts of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, what is clear is that it needs to be your products that lead the way when it comes to engaging with consumers. This is where product-led marketing is vital when it comes to developing your content marketing strategies moving forward.

Put simply, product-led content marketing should always feature your product at the very centre point of planning. Content should be built up around this in a variety of ways to engage and reach a broad range of consumers. Let’s be clear from the beginning here, product-led content marketing doesn’t want to be pushy, forceful or sales driven, it wants to be the complete opposite. Sensitive, informative and engaging content that creates a subtle awareness of your brand, product or company in consumers’ minds so they turn to you over competitors in the future.

Dr Fio Dossetto defines product-led content marketing as: “Content where product is woven into the narrative to illustrate a point, solve a problem and/or help accomplish a goal.”

If you think about your product-led content marketing in this way you can see how it is a thread that needs to run consistently through your marketing ideas to create cohesive relationships between consumers and brand.

So how do you create product-led content marketing?

The growth and development of your brand will come from consumers discussing, sharing and spreading the word, it won’t be led by things such as whitepaper views. With this in mind, you need to start with the customer to develop changes in your marketing and create high-quality product-led content marketing that is relevant and required.

Start by researching the problems or issues your consumers have. It could be using methods such as search engine optimisation (SEO), keyword research or direct consumer interviews, questionnaires or even a specific review option. The more research you collect the more you can tailor results to consumer needs.

Once you have collated your research results you need to develop your communication to enhance and support users on how your product can solve their problems or meet their needs. This can be done in a variety of ways and the more inclusive you are the more successful you will be.

• Firstly start by ensuring you optimise content for search and be sure to make pages optimized for mobile as well as desktop.
• Focus on consumers and embrace all reviews even the negative ones, in fact, it can often be these that drive you forward the most.
• Produce content that is informative, relevant and helpful and remember to keep your product the centre point.
• Keep things varied but consistent. Demonstrations, live content, tips, care guides and live interviews all connect with consumers as the information is instant and easily digested.
• Post on a variety of platforms to increase consumer reach.
• Remove any false realities, it is honesty that builds trust.
• Seek consumer reviews and use them to guide you.
• Alter your metrics, observe changes in behaviours and evaluate what is working.

Most importantly, remember the strongest product-led content marketing relies on product usage and customer experience. This will lead to new custom, retention and the development and expansion of your brand in the future.