The top Social Media trends that are here to stay in 2021

Social media communication rose by 10.5% during the last year and it has been reported that there are 12 new Social Media users every second. With figures like this it is easy to see why social media usage has risen during the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19 and, interestingly, why certain social media trends are setting the bar when it comes to interacting and building relationships between businesses and consumers.

With the added pressure on business during these unprecedented times the fight for survival has never been greater and maybe incorporating elements of social media into the running of your business may just help to raise your profile, enhance customer relationships and increase sales.

So what are the social media trends that are here to stay?

Let’s start with live streaming… with a 99% increase in just one year live streaming is big business when it comes to connecting with consumers. Facebook Live is leading the way with 78% of people using Facebook Live content to connect with one another. Live stream creates a much more realistic experience, it is instantly engaging and easily digested. Companies have got creative with live stream, such as hosting guests at socially distanced weddings. Enabling guests that may otherwise not have been able to attend due to distance enhances the experience for all and can be used long after restrictions are lifted.

Business can use live streaming to increase interaction with consumers with live demonstrations, interviews or guides on how to construct or work a certain appliance, for example. Customers want a realistic experience more than ever these days, so use live stream to enhance and engage with your target audience.

Social commerce has been around for a while but combined with live streaming it is becoming a powerful force in the way businesses reach consumers. Facebook Marketplace and Shoppable Instagram posts are driving a new way of consumerism. How brands build relationships with customers has changed and these new ways of connecting via social media show no sign of slowing down. Instant, direct and easy to understand answers all fit into consumers desires for fast and easily accessible information at their fingertips. With the added benefits of social media platforms tailoring ads to users, brand awareness increases dramatically.

Nano-influencer marketing should never be underestimated. Remember the phrase “small but mighty” and you will see why this trend is here to stay and growing.

Influencer marketing has been a large part of social media for a while now but the biggest development is in how users engage with those influencers. Due to consumers wanting a real, genuine and honest experience users are no longer swayed by how many ‘Likes’ an influencer has but how they can make connections with them based on reality. Nano-influencers create better connections as their posts are often more genuine and niche, creating a more tailored and focussed approach to products, businesses or experiences. So remember to keep it real and unique in 2021 to reach and engage with more users.

Ephemeral content and stories are driving the demand for content that is instant, quick to digest and allows a user to move on swiftly. It is vital to maintaining engagement with consumers in this modern-day way of living. With five hundred million people using Instagram and Facebook Stories every day it is easy to see why the reach is so dramatic. Think about what you post, keep things interesting and appealing, such as questions, reviews, interviews and even quizzes. Vary styles of content, such a written and live streams to engage with a wide audience.

One of the biggest developments and trends that is going to increase in 2021 is Augmented Reality (AR). AR filters have changed the way consumers can interact with brands, especially in the make-up industry, and never more so than during this past year. Immersive experiences that create an instant engagement between brand and customer create a much more realistic experience and therefore lead to more committed purchases. There is only one way for AR to go, and that is more real, so watch this space!

How ever you decide to run your business never underestimate the power and reach of social media as a way of enhancing, developing and progressing your brand or services.