Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses Around York:

If you are a small or local business, are you making efficient use of digital marketing? If not, here are some tips to help elevate your brand to success.

Competitor analysis:

As a local business in York, you’ll want to do your research into the market to discover what additional value you can add to your industry. A great way to discover where you mark yourself in comparison to the market is by researching what ads they are currently running. After looking into the key USP your competitors have to offer is there anything you could be doing differently within your business to set you apart within your field.

Page speed:

As a local business you might not have a big budget, but ensuring you have a fast-working site is vital. It has been seen that when customers are left waiting on a site when trying to purchase, they are reluctant to either stay on the site or purchase again.


The reputation of your small business online could be the make or break of customers coming to your door. But within Google My Business, there is a level of control you can have over how people perceive your business online. Be sure that your business is receiving reviews on Google. These are often the first thing potential customers view before coming on to your site.

Create interesting blog content:

In York, we are spoilt with a wide range of key tourism events. Such as the Christmas Market, York Restaurants Week and the Ice trail. As a small business, thinking of a marketing strategy that will drive results can present a challenge. But using the tourism events around you and incorporating them into engaging blog content for your consumers, will help drive traffic and create trust in your brand.

Content is key:

With any marketing strategy content is vital. Video is becoming more and more favoured, as it helps people understand who the business is and what’s on offer. Video is a great digital tool to help showcase your brand and services to local content.

Improve your local SEO:

Local SEO is extremely important for local businesses. You can build local links for your business from newspaper sites, bloggers, festival sites, and sponsorships sites. With York popular for tourism events, there is an opportunity to be featured on sites targeting potential visitors coming to York at peak tourism seasons.

Email marketing:

Email marketing will allow you to send offers and information directly to your customers and is an essential tool for local businesses.

Be present on social media:

With any business, social media is important. Be sure to have a strong social presence. This is a great way to be discoverable by new customers and provide an opportunity for you to engage with current customers.

Local influencers:

Influencers are becoming more and more used across brands. But are there any local influences in the city of York whom you can partner with to help showcase and elevate your brand?