Post pandemic marketing strategies for York-based businesses:

Ever since the pandemic first began there is no denying the challenges and difficulties covid presented to everyone across the world. From how we live daily life, to industries, everyone has been presented with hurdles to tackle as a result of coronavirus.

But after what felt like a lifetime drifting in and out of lockdowns, life is beginning to return to a new sense of normal. But with industries emerging out of lockdown at the same time what can be applied to your marketing strategy to ensure you stand out from the crowd?


It goes without saying that a strong reputation for any business is valuable. Covid made many businesses’ help realise the importance of having a strong reputation, especially during a world pandemic.

As the pandemic pushed more people online, the spotlight placed on businesses was increased. With any business, it is important to spend time on customer experience. But with an influx of more users online, taking the time to project excellent customer service is vital to avoid the risk of people complaining about your business.

Marketing personalisation:

Customers are now becoming more in tune with marketing so making sure you personalise your marketing to each user will make your business stand out. Users don’t want to see content that isn’t relevant to them. Go one step further and connect with your users. Incorporate this within your marketing, ensuring it is bespoke to each user. As 80% of customers are more likely to buy from brands with a personalised marketing experience.

Emotional marketing:

It goes without saying emotions are extremely important when marketing for a business. A study conducted by the B2B institute at LinkedIn found that marketing strategies appeal and drive long term sales when emotions are taken into account. Therefore, deliver ads that connect with your users on a personal level.

Video marketing:

If the pandemic showed us anything it was the success of short digestible videos, thanks to social media platform Tik-Tok. Videos are a fantastic way to showcase products, reviews and behind the scenes of your business to consumers. With the Highstreet now back up and running, a branded video would be great to entice consumers to visit your business.


The pandemic brought many challenges. But as life begins to return to a new sense of normality, businesses need to consider the complex needs of customers and need to be willing to be flexible to appeal to everyone’s needs. Or they bring the risk of customers losing interest within the brand.

Be visible everywhere:

The world of social media and marketing is very diverse and holds a lot of users. So, to be sure you are not diluted by the diverse market it is important as a business’s to be visible across a wide birth of channels. Especially as the earlier you are on a social media platform the easier it is to not be outrun by competition within your field.

A new way of thinking:

How consumers buy and shop has completely changed. So, ensuring the buying experience is at the centre of what you do is vital. Many users are pushing more towards online and shopping local, so considering how these align with your business will help appeal to consumers.