Tips on how to use Facebook to promote your small business:

Facebook is an important marketing tool for any business. But what can you do to make sure you are promoting your businesses effectively while using Facebook?

Facebook is one of the world’s most visited websites. And as a platform, it is an important tool for businesses to be tapping into; especially for small business owners who want to engage with their customers and attract new potential users.

Ultimately when using Facebook, you need to be creating content that appeals to your audience. Facebook is an extremely diverse tool that offers multiple tools for promotion, which when used maximise reach and growth potential.

Every small business user should be using Facebook as a social media presence for their brand. Facebook offers a wide range of tools that small businesses can use, such as advertisement options and groups. By having a thought-out social media presence, businesses can engage with new potential customers which in turn will help grow your brand.

But when starting a social media account for a new business it may seem overwhelming not knowing where to begin. So, here are some easy steps to help Facebook work for you and your brand.

Business page:

Firstly, you will need to step up a page for your business, aside from your personal page. This is essentially very similar to your personal profile, although it is solely focused on your brand and business. Here you will receive page likes instead of friend requests.

Be sure when creating your Facebook page to add photos and have a username that mirrors your brand’s name, to help become discoverable to users within Facebook. Make sure you also fill out as much information on your brand in the about section so users can access information about who you are. Be sure to tell your story and the reason behind your business.

Posting regularly:

When using Facebook make sure you are publishing regularly on your page. Although you have now set up a page you need to make sure you have an active presence within your account. Although it is important to post regularly be sure you are posting quality content for your users. A good way to implement transparency and quality of your brand is to show behind the scenes information about products and employees. Users love to see the real-life element within a brand.

Be social on social:

Before posting consider whether your post is going to begin a conversation. The key to creating engaging content is conversation. Therefore, be sure to be friendly and use conversational language across your Facebook platform. Also, be sure to reply to comment left by users and reply to message in a timely fashion.

Run advertisements:

Facebook is a great platform for advertisements. If for instance, you are struggling to reach users. Facebook is a great tool for getting in front of new users, who like brands similar to your own. Or even target people based on location, age and particular interests. In order to measure tools, Facebook ads have an analytics tool to help you understand the breakdown of stats and how they have been optimised.


Lastly, ensuring you have a well thought out plan will help you ensure you know when exactly you are posting on Facebook and why. This feeds into a wider strategy for social media. This could be created in a content calendar so you are aware of key dates and peaks to post content around which are in line with your brand and their audiences.