Your essential guide for marketing campaigns this Christmas 2021:

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year. But in the world of marketing, it is also one of the most stressful. So as the run-up to Christmas looms closer and closer, how as a brand, can you maximise your time more effectively?

Start early:

In comparison to Christmas last year, it is set to be very different. Therefore, it is vital that advertising campaigns for brands peak at the right times in order for consumers to engage with relevant content.

Last Christmas was a Christmas we will never forget. After being placed in yet another lockdown, marketers were forced to make customers aware of trends using alternative methods. As consumers were unable to get to the shops during the pandemic, social media marketing heavily erupted and users were turning to online shopping. But although the pandemic isn’t as prevalent, this year is looking very similar.

Last year we saw audiences buying earlier than previous years. Marketers began approaching users early in order to help generate sales and it is expected the same will happen again this year. Therefore, in order to beat to shopping rush, advertising campaigns should be started early.

Key peaks:

Based on data from 2020, brands should expect to see significant growth in key categories as we approach the festive season. When planning ads online create consumer experiences while phasing your campaigns around key peaks.

It has been stated by Ozone project data that audience interactivity grows at a steady pace from October through to Black Friday, which this year takes place on the 26th of November. Then after Black Friday, audiences build from as early as December until after the Christmas season. Therefore, is it vital brands react to this information and build campaigns around these peaks.

Brands will benefit from listening to their customers to ensure their messaging is in line with the customers’ expectations. In conjunction with investing in your brand to attract core audiences while also targeting other shoppers.


Christmas is one of the biggest seasonal tools for brands to use to appeal to audiences. Seasonal marketing helps audiences purchase. This is because holidays encourage audiences to make a purchase. The majority of audiences rely on seasonal holidays for discounts and offers. In order to implement a successful campaign, it is vital to think ahead.

For advertisers to make the most of the opportunities within the marketing sector, alongside reaching customers from a wider field, there needs to be an understanding of when their audiences are going to be in the festive spirit and would want to purchase. It has also been anticipated more money may be spent from customers this Christmas to overcompensate for lost time and presents as a result of the pandemic. Which is key message businesses do not want to miss out on.

When planning for campaigns take consideration into key trends which occurred throughout the year. Does this play into the minds of your consumer? Are audiences for example still working from home, if so, can products be delivered to their door? Questions such as these should be anticipated in order to maximise success.

So, in order to create a successful marketing campaign, it is vital to start with a goal. From then you need to study your audience and explore key peaks. By planning ahead and working with keywords and trends you’ll be able to form a campaign strongly for your audiences.