We exist because digital marketing is different. It’s not media buying. It’s data interrogation.

In the world of digital media, you don’t need to be a financial powerhouse with huge buying power to secure the best rates for your clients. What you do need is analytical acumen, business growth expertise and a deep understanding of the relationship between consumers and the media that they engage with on a fantastically granular level.

We’re analysts first and foremost, and we use this analytical approach to understand what your business needs to grow and succeed, only then testing the marketing strategy and channel activity to realise those business needs.

This is quintessentially where ZED² comes from. Having worked through the biggest media agencies in the country and always having an acute concern that something wasn’t quite right when traditional media planners managed digital activity, we founded ZED² to offer something that worked and was 100% digital-centric.

We want businesses to have the opportunity to work with an agency that knows business success, bottom-line revenue and positive ROI to be the key drivers of any digital marketing campaign. We partner with brands offering the support they need, not the support we want to sell them, and we back everything we do up with data and testing.

Our goal is to facilitate the creation of digital marketing ‘machines’ for our clients. We work seamlessly within their infrastructures to develop and ignite their digital media spend into a scalable test and learn environment that generates substantially more income than it costs them to run. Simple ROI in the truest sense.

Why ZED Squared?

Chi-Square or, more specifically, χ2 (and often referred to as ZED Squared) is a mathematical reference that can be interpreted as

 “the greater the sample data, the more accurate the result” 

 we’re paraphrasing, but it sums up everything about our ethos to digital performance marketing and what makes us so good at what we do: data, statistical analysis and informed decision-making.

Our entire approach is built around testing and learning with accuracy and confidence, building our clients’ successes on tangible factual statistics rather than guesswork or external influences. We’ve pioneered the 100 day plan, which ensures we never rely on redundant or antiquated data, and because the digital landscape, consumer behaviour and media selection and availability (not to mention technological developments of all kinds) are always evolving, we’ve tested and identified that applying further out than 100- days is almost certainly not exploiting the best from your media spend. You can find out more about our 100 day plan here.
So that’s us, our approach works, – so why not get in touch and we can help you to test it.