Google Analytics: University of Manchester

We redesigned Manchester University’s GA & Tag Manager infrastructure to effectively serve a host of user-specific requirements.


The brief

We were asked to review the current Google Analytics process and workflow. The University had engaged with several agencies in the past and evolved an organic and non-formulaic GA infrastructure.

Manchester University needed to be able to understand and interrogate traffic to hundreds of URLs and over 60,000 pages of content, with the flexibility to look at macro-metrics alongside highly detailed drill-down data. 

To add an additional layer to the process, the individuals within the institution who would be analysing the data were not necessarily going to be familiar with Google Analytics, meaning ease of use, clear functionality and training would need to form an integral part of the solution.

The approach

ZED² began with a full review and audit of the current Google Analytics (GA) and Google Tag Manager (GTM) landscape for the university, from a page, course, faculty, school and overarching holistic perspective, interviewing the key stakeholders to best understand the elements needed from any output agreed upon.

Once the full picture was clear, we identified elements that could be retained, and areas of clear duplication, creating a comprehensive roadmap and formulaic process by which not only the exisitng information architecture could be rebuilt to best serve the institution. 

The result

The university now has a fully future-proof and scalable analytics resource available to all, from academics and web architects through to marketing teams and recruitment specialists. Faculties and schools can share data and view user flows across the full digital landscape, and staff and stakeholders are fully empowered and trained in the art of interrogating the data to show what is important to them.

This means, for the first time in the university’s history, they can see how users interact between faculties and how thier systems are used by students and academics alike.

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