Google releases new and updated Google My Business features for local SEO

Since the Initial impact of Covid-19 Google My Business (GMB) has adapted quickly to provide companies with vital updates allowing them to enhance communication with their customers and provide them with up to date accurate information regarding their business and the daily operations of them. With so many local businesses feeling the pressure it is […]

Google Search launches a new mobile interface and design

With the ever evolving world we live in and our increased demand for answers that are quick and efficient it is well-known that the majority of Google searches are now completed on a mobile device. Answers at our fingertips within seconds that we can’t seem to live without these days. Google says, “The redesign is […]

Google’s phasing out of Modified Broad Search – What you need to know

As of February 2021, Modified Broad Match will no longer be a feature in Google search. The ability for advertisers to specify certain words (with a + sign) included in a search will no longer exist. These changes are important and need to be considered as the long term impacts on your business may have […]

Google Analytics 4

Firstly, before we delve into Google Analytics 4, what is analytics? Simple answer…Analytics is the analysis of digital data that is used to find, understand and communicate meaningful patterns within the content. Results allow for change to be implemented improving communication, services and in business sales. Whether it be a small, medium or large scale […]

Google – Organising the World’s information…

Think of a time before you searched Google for answers…for some this will be easy but for others, it may prove a little more challenging. Before digital devices became so accessible finding an answer to a query or question meant using a book or speaking to another person who may have more knowledge or information […]

Google enables bidding on its local service ads.

Local service ads (LSAs) are a great way to connect you and your consumers when they search for local services. They provide quick search results for businesses local to your area and are a great way of being seen online. What’s more, you only pay if a customer contacts you directly via the ad, another […]

Google passes on its digital services tax to advertisers

Challenging times just keep on coming for businesses. With the lingering impacts of the past few months and an uncertain future due to the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic Google just added a little more pressure by announcing that it is passing on additional costs when it comes to the new digital services tax. Google previously warned […]

Google’s support for small businesses during the Coronavirus

Across the world right now each and every company, business, manufacturer or production line is facing a situation so immense that the uncertainty of how this will affect them in the future is overwhelming. Navigating these challenging times when you are a small or medium business (SMBs) will also feel enormously daunting, and not knowing […]

Google to switch completely over to mobile-first indexing by September 2020

You only have to look around you on a daily basis to see just how many people are using their phones, for example, while commuting or while sitting in a café. Although some may be communicating with friends, family or colleagues many will be searching the internet for work or personal research such as shopping, […]

Google advertising and shopping features developing at a rapid pace

There is no doubt that the way we search and shop for purchases is rapidly changing. It is evident every day on the ever changing face of our highstreets, yet is it any surprise when the ease, speed and convenience of buying items online is forever getting quicker and more instant. Long gone are the […]