Google releases new and updated Google My Business features for local SEO

Since the Initial impact of Covid-19 Google My Business (GMB) has adapted quickly to provide companies with vital updates allowing them to enhance communication with their customers and provide them with up to date accurate information regarding their business and the daily operations of them. With so many local businesses feeling the pressure it is […]

Local advertising and how its purpose has become more prevalent

Local advertising is about targeting the consumers closest to the location of your business or company, and right now this has never been more important. Where consumers would have once travelled a distance to find brands and services to meet their needs the current impact of Covid-19, and the restrictions we have on daily living, […]

Google enables bidding on its local service ads.

Local service ads (LSAs) are a great way to connect you and your consumers when they search for local services. They provide quick search results for businesses local to your area and are a great way of being seen online. What’s more, you only pay if a customer contacts you directly via the ad, another […]

How Google My Business (GMB) has adapted to help keep local customers updated

With the Covid-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on the everyday running of many local businesses and services and the potential for further local lockdowns or even temporary changes in trading hours due to virus impacts, businesses must be prepared and ready to respond quickly to enable their local customers to be efficiently and effectively updated. There […]

The importance of Local Search Optimisation

Right now life has never been so unsettled and unpredictable. With so many businesses struggling to survive the immense pressures that the global pandemic Covid-19 is bestowing upon them there has never been a better time to ensure your local search optimisation is working to its full potential, allowing your business to stand out and […]