5G Explained!

What is 5G? 5G is the fifth generation of broadband cellular networks succeeding its predecessor, 4G. On today’s mobile devices we primarily use 4G and 3G but with the soon to be released 5G, the latter will become technology of the past! 5G is set to be the fastest network yet and by a clear […]

What Are DNS Records? Zigzag Tells You What You Need to Know. Hurrah!

If you’ve moved your hosting site from one web host to another, you will have had to update your DNS records. Now, the process itself is painless, We keep finding that many people don’t stop to consider what DNS records are, besides accepting that someone in IT support says they need changing. So, we’ve pulled […]

Google announce major updates for search, AR and Lens

At the Google I/O conference they have announced their latest updates for search related topics including Google top stories, AR, 3D objects, Google Lens and Google Assistant.  Within Google search, Google will be releasing updates/improvements to the Top Stories section. The top stories section will not just contain the most authoritative stories on the topic […]

5 reasons your business needs a digital marketing strategy in 2019

1. You have no clear direction We find that companies we come across who have no digital strategy in place, do not have a clear direction for what they want their company to achieve online in terms of winning new business or growing their customer base. If your business doesn’t have goals with a SMART […]

Amazon’s Fake Review Problem

Amazon has been hit yet again with a spout of fake reviews across a wide array of products, predominantly electronics, beauty products, clothes and supplements, with these products averaging over 60% fake reviews. This is a huge issue Amazon are clamping down on as reviews not only optimise the products place when searched, it is […]

Local-Services ads begin appearing in Google Home voice results

Although Google is not yet disclosing the fact that some of the results are actually ads. The question of how Google Home (and Amazon Echo, and any other voice based service for that matter) will make money from smart speaker and smart display devices has always been a bit open ended question… However, Reuters discovered that Google […]

We’re setting up shop in Cape Town…

That’s right, we’ve got a shiny new address in the heart of Cape Town.   It was a logical step, especially as one of our directors is thoroughly South African. Not to mention that we do a huge amount of activity in South Africa for existing clients, know the area, and as there’s little in […]

Google Is Getting Rid Of Average Position!

Google just announced the end of average positions. Should we panic or should we have expected this years ago? Google clearly wants us to shift our focus from average position reporting to impression share. This is nothing new – with their rollout of four new ad position metrics centered on impression share in November of last year, we can’t claim […]

Free AI for marketing eBook

As Bing Ad Partners, we get insight and access to some great resources. Here’s the latest offering from Microsoft in the form of a succinct eBook on AI and its application to marketing.